10 Online Shops to Find the Perfect Bookish Gift

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. And online shopping this year is predicted to be higher than any other year — thanks, COVID — so it’s time to start ordering now. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bookish person in your life, or if you need to give people an idea of what to get you, I’ve gathered some sites that offer amazing items. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting some of this stuff.

Whether they’re a writer or an avid book reader, your bookish loved one will appreciate the thought you put into their present this year.

Here’s my top ten list of places to find the perfect gift for the writer or reader in your life.

  1. Scribbler
  1. Book of the Month
  1. Out of Print
  1. OwlCrate
  1. MyBookBox
  1. Frostbeard Studio
  1. Chick Lit Designs
  1. Storiarts
  1. Introverts Retreat
  1. Our Little Book Club

Happy shopping!

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