Hello and welcome to my website and blog.

My name is Jessica Leibe. I am a copywriter specializing in Productivity & Organization. I write website content, blogs, brochures, newsletters, and product descriptions for productivity coaches, consultants, professional organizers, and planner companies. You can find out more about the services I provide on my business website.

I also write about Health & Wellness on the side. You’ll find links to some of my articles under the “Publications” tab.

Currently, I work at a non-profit organization. We house several volunteer programs that service Bergen County residents. Bergen County is located in northern New Jersey, where I live.

At the moment I am writing a memoir and have begun pitching the proposal to agents. It follows a part of my life I’ve recently come to terms with. Using experiences from my past, I connect the dots to the present. It’s a deeply personal story and when the time comes that I can share more with you, I will.

I’m an aunt to two very active nephews. They’re everything to me. My goal in life is to teach them to always go after their dreams no matter what obstacles lie in their way.

A voracious reader, I’m looking forward to sharing what books I’m reading with you. I also love sharing what I’m watching and listening to so keep an eye out for posts about movies, TV shows, and music.

I’m always up for talking about writing, my process, struggles, and aspirations. I love talking about books and receiving recommendations. Don’t ever hesitate to drop a line in the contact section. I do my best to get back to everyone with 24-48 hours.

My goal is to post twice a month and eventually start a monthly newsletter. Follow my blog and keep an eye out for the newsletter mailing list sign up.

I truly can’t wait to get to know all of you and for you to get to know me. I promise to be as open and upfront as possible. Please note that I will not tolerate any kind of hate or bigotry. This is a safe place for everyone where you’ll get nothing but respect from me. I hope you’ll extend me and others the same courtesy.

That’s all about me for now. Tell me a little about you. Hit the comments below and tell me where you’re from and what you’re currently reading.